Characters Head  

EvaEva Christina Del Pilar O’Riley
Portrayed by: International Mexican star
Kate Del Castillo (Under the Same Moon, Weeds)
Vivacious Eva, who was born in New York but raised in Mexico, returns to tie up some loose ends, when she encounters a chivalrous Tito in his grocery store. Eva is grateful to have a friend, but what she doesn’t expect is to find a reason to stay.

TitoRoberto “Tito” Jimenez
Portrayed by Luis Antonio Ramos
(Lucky 7 (2013 TV series) [2013-] Amblin Television ABC, The Ministers, Do the right thing.)

Tito, born and raised in Spanish Harlem, has had a trying life with tragedy lurking around every corner. As he struggles to earn and honest living, Tito must overcome his despair so that he may set an example for his two young daughters. But what happens when hope and faith just aren’t enough? Tito must find a way to make his own miracles happen.

Portrayed by: Adrian Martinez
(Cop Out, Kick Ass, Flypaper)

A life-long friend of Tito and his family, Ernie is a kid at heart who constantly demonstrates his devotion to Tito and his daughters. Despite his developmental challenges, Ernie’s presence reminds Tito that some things are more important than money.

Portrayed by: Andre Royo
(Oz, Shaft)

Tyrone comes from the streets with skeptical past. Although he may be rough around the edges, when Tyrone collides with Tito, he teaches widower that people aren’t always who we make them out to be.

TeresaTeresa Jimenez
Portrayed by: Tony Award Winning Priscilla Lopez
(A Chorus Line, In the Heights, Maid in Manhattan)

Tito’s mother is a devout catholic who believes that everything happens for a reason. As she tries to show her son the path to God, she also tries to help Tito open his heart.

ErnieMariano Jimenez
Portrayed by: multi-nominated Tony Plana
(Ugly Betty, JFK)

When Tito’s father suffers from a stroke he needs to rely on others more than he used to. Despite his physical condition, Mariano maintains the heart and soul of the man he once was, offering loving guidance as the only comfort to his hopeless son.

AmandaAmanda Jimenez
Portrayed by: Fatima Ptacek
Is the voice of Dora the explorer, (Rebound, Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, Curfew)

Rambunctious Amanda is always up to something. With her father in her heart, she speaks her mind and holds nothing back.

SamanthaSamantha Jimenez
Portrayed by: Brianna Gonzalez–Bonacci
(in her debut role)

The eldest of Tito’s young daughters, Samantha is quiet and reserved. While she may be shy, Samantha isn’t afraid to speak up when her father’s happiness is in question.

Young TitoYoung Tito
Portrayed by: Alexander Cuesta
(Law & Order SVU)

Tito learns at a young age that one of the best days in your life can quickly turn into one of the worst.