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“Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar…” ~ Pablo Picasso :)

Definition and Classification of Miracles - How does one define a miracle?  

A miracle is an event which the forces of nature—including the natural powers of man—cannot of themselves produce, and which must, therefore, be referred to a supernatural agency (Fisher 1900, 9). A miracle is a divine operation that transcends what is normally perceived as natural law; it cannot be explained upon any natural basis.Characteristics of a Genuine Miracle What are the traits of a genuine miracle, as opposed to feigned signs? Consider the following facts. A supernatural display of divine power is not an arguable proposition; it is a dramatic, demonstrable fact. No where in the New Testament is there a record of a divine spokesman arguing for the validity of miracles. No logical scheme is needed to establish such a case. Miracles either happen, or they don’t. BY WAYNE JACKSON

My story takes place in June, 2011. My mom, her friend, and I had just loaded two bedroom sets, kitchen things, etc. from a family that had donated it. We were on our way to Joplin, Missouri after the May 22 tornado hit.We got to the new house that a family had bought after theirs was completely demolished by the tornado. We began unloading all of this into their new home.
We went back outside in the 100 degree or more weather to get more stuff when a man in his middle 20s appeared. He was tall with dark brown hair. He had on a church shirt and shorts. After awhile of moving things into the house we asked him if he would like a cold bottle of water. His reply was, “No, thank you. I have some. I just live a couple blocks away.”
So we continued on. When we were finished we said our thank you’s. When I turned around, he was gone. I looked down the street both ways, no one. No cars drove by, nothing. I then asked my mom and her friend if they saw him leave. They said no.
Later we talked to a neighbor and told him about the kind stranger. The stranger had said that he knew this neighbor and went to the same church; he knew that the neighbor played the organ and even called him by name. Yet when we asked the stranger, he kept avoiding answering what his name was. The neighbor didn’t know a man that fit the stranger’s description.
I truly believe to this day that the man that helped us was an angel. I also believe that there are many angels in Joplin. I will never forget him. By Anna C. 

What a party -

“It was winter break and we were all invited to our friend’s birthday party. It would be the first time my best friends and I from high school had gotten together since starting college that fall. It was great to see familiar faces from high school, but when 11 o’clock rolled around, I began pressuring my friends to leave. As designated driver, I knew it was time to go because the party was getting messier by the minute. We left around 11:35 p.m.One the way, my friends asked me if we could stall so he could ‘sober up’ before he went home to his mother. Although I was tired from a long day that had started at 6:30 a.m., I agreed. I then drove my friends to their homes. Only then did I start the thirty-minute drive to my own house. I was very tired, but felt I could make it back without stopping… I fell asleep behind the wheel. I don’t remember hitting the one-hundred-year-old oak tree. What I do remember is opening my eyes to a shattered window and faces surrounding me. Looking down at my legs pinned under the dashboard, I thought for sure they were either paralyzed or gone. I vaguely remember the time from the collision to the arrival of the fire department and ambulance. I remember how enormously comforting the bystanders were, one of whom was a trauma nurse and gave me instructions to take deep breaths to relax. Men in uniform told me not to move and proceeded to cut away the driver’s side door with the Jaws of Life. I shook continuously from the shock to my body and the 15-degree December night air. As they lay me on the stretcher, I felt excruciating pain and cold wetness — which was visibly blood — on my right knee. My mind was racing a mile a minute and my body was overflowing with adrenaline. As the ambulance plowed forward to the hospital, I lay thinking of the miracle that I had just lived through. The thousands of thoughts in my head subdued the pain in my right knee. I thought of how unready I was to leave this earth, how God was with me at every moment, that life is too perishable to consume ourselves with such futile things like appearance, money and other diminutive issues…  The pain was agonizing as the Novocain needle was probed into the open wound. Due to the large size of the cut, this took a good two minutes of nonstop, unbearably painful poking. Once the area was completely numb the doctor sealed the lesion with eighteen staples. Shortly after, I went into surgery in order to repair torn ligaments and tendons. That was all the treatment I would need to be made whole. My dad drove me home the next day. On our way, we went to the scene of the accident. Debris was still scattered about from my demolished blue Jeep. As for the tree I’d hit, a huge chunk had been knocked out by the impact. We next met my mom at the collision center where the Jeep had been towed. We were speechless upon seeing the mangled heap. There was no question that God was protecting me that night. What could’ve happened would have been so much worse if not fatal. I lived through a miracle that night and have never been more thankful for just simply being alive… Jason Q

My story, believe it or not

Ruthie always had a penchant for quickly speeding away from a stop light as soon as it turned green. One evening she was the first car at a red light when it changed. She pushed down on the gas pedal just as a distinct voice from out of nowhere shouted “STOP!!” from inside her car. She hit her brakes a second before a speeding truck ran the red light and barreled through the intersection several feet in front of her bumper. Ruthie always knew that voice was a miracle from God who wasn’t ready to receive her that night… Make sure you are open to your miracle today ;) Susie M


“A 66-year-old male in relatively good health and no risk factors for heart disease came to me with a sudden onset of signs and symptoms of a heart problem. After he was diagnosed and treated, he walked past me and hesitated, as if he wanted to say something more. I asked him what he had on his mind. He said six months ago his grandson who lives out of state and whom he loves so dearly came down with a heart condition. This man prayed to God to give him this problem, instead. He smiled then, a most beautiful smile, and said “A couple of days ago my grandson’s heart condition disappeared…”  Anonymous

Too good to be true? Miracle woman who survived ’33,000ft fall’

Vesna Vulovic survival was hailed a miracle – the flight attendant who plunged 10,160m (33,300ft) without a parachute when an aircraft broke up above the clouds.
“Whenever I think of the accident, I have a prevailing, grave feeling of guilt for surviving it and I cry … Then I think maybe I should not have survived at all,” she tells The Independent from her dilapidated flat in Belgrade.
One of the problems for Ms Vulovic, 62, is that although she survived she did not exactly live to tell the tale: any memory of the crash has gone. “I do not remember the accident at all, just my waking up in the Czech hospital the next day and asking a doctor for a cigarette,” she says.
According to the official version of events, 23 passengers and four crew was killed. Ms Vulovic, then 22, was the only survivor, her broken body found among the wreckage. Ms Vulovic the record for the highest fall without a parachute – 10,160m, the height the jet was allegedly cruising at.
Ms Vulovic loss memory can shed no further light on the events of 26 January 1972. “The last thing I remember before the accident is passengers boarding the flight in Copenhagen and nothing else until my coming out from coma at the hospital.”
There is little doubt she is a survivor: the crash left her concussed and her legs, pelvis and three vertebrae were broken. She was paralysed from the waist down but, after two operations, she learned to walk again just a year after the accident. “I’m like a cat, I have many lives,” she says. “I don’t know what to say when people say I was lucky…” Ms Vulovic says….

I soon found myself on my knees

Pictures hold a very special place in my heart, maybe because as a child we moved quite often and pictures were the only possession I could hang onto. 8 years ago, I was forced to put everything I owned into storage while I found a new home for me and my young daughter… I carefully packed away the memories of her growing up and all of our possessions and put them safely in storage. Then, the bottom fell out of my life. After having just broken up with my fiancé, my mom was hospitalized and I received a call saying I was laid off from my job. I would spend the next 6 months visiting my mom in the hospital before she passed away. In my spare time, I would search for a job…
I did not have enough to pay for the storage unit, so eventually, everything was sold at auction. I soon found myself on my knees in a hopeless state of mind praying for God to make a way for me to save those pictures. They were all I had of my daughter growing up…It wasn’t long after that prayer, that my daughter’s aunt called saying she had been shopping at a flea market that morning when she came across a large box of frames that she was interested in. Upon closer examination of the frames, she recognized the cute, blonde pig-tailed girl in the pictures. “That’s my niece!” she exclaimed. Rummaging through the box, she found images of past memories including my high school yearbook. “How much for the box?” she inquired. “Three dollars!” he replied. “I’ll take it!” she exclaimed with joy! She couldn’t wait to run home and call me. Some people chalk it up to coincidence but I knew God heard and answered my prayers and I could feel my Mom winking at me from a distance…  - J1Gilo

Living within us

“I was traveling merrily down memory lane the other day as I flipped randomly through a box of old family photos. My smile started to grow as my thoughts were suddenly overflowing with familiar faces and places of long ago…  As I leaned over to pick up another bunch of photos, a single picture fell to the floor that stirred both my memory and soul. It was a faded school picture of my son Harleywearing an unforgettable red sweater.Harley was about nine when that picture was taken. He was a very proper and conscientious dresser for his age, a trait he inherited from his father.One of his beloved articles of clothing was a red sweater, which Harley so wanted to wear to school for picture day. But at dinner the night before the pictures were to be taken, he was very upset because he had somehow lost this precious sweater. I recommended that we should take time and pray to God asking for His help with this emergency situation.My husband was a bus driver and had been absent that night from the family dinner as he had to work the late shift. When he got off work that evening another driver handed my husband a bag of clothing.This driver had a son about the same size as, you guessed it, Harley. God at work, perhaps? I searched through this bag of clothes like it was a treasure chest full of precious jewels. Then the miracle happened. There in the bag of clothes was a beautiful red sweater almost identical to the one Harley had lost. The following morning Harley was beside himself as he spied the red sweater lying on the dining room table. His face was aglow as he announced for all to hear that God sure does answer prayer, doesn’t He! My prayer for my son over these many years since his proclamation about the red sweater is that the faith he had as a child will continue to mature and guide his life as he grows older… GVPort.


“A little over a year ago my bone cancer came back after 14 years in remission. I decided to have chemotherapy and radiation. After 4 weeks of inpatient chemotherapy and 4 weeks of outpatient chemotherapy treatments at the hospital, I was really sick. Hospitalized once again I was going in and out of a coma. Visitors later told me that I would suddenly awaken to tell people that I was “Blessed.” Ido not remember saying this to anyone at all. Doctors told my visitors one evening that my white blood count was so low that they did not expect me to live through the night. There were 5 visitors there at the time, one a member of the clergy. I am still here to tell my story because by God’s Grace, I was indeed, truly “Blessed”.  - Sch_young

How is that possible?

“In 2004, before my mother passed away with cancer, I asked her to send me a sign after she passed to let me know how she was. “This is just not possible”, she replied. I told her that I believed it was. She told me not to cry when she passed. “How is that possible?”, I asked. I loved my mom so much and constantly prayed to God to help me through the experience of losing her. I feared that I wouldbecome clinically depressed.
I normally required at least 10 hours of sleep to function per day, as I am quite anemic. During the last three days of my mother’s life, I did not sleep at all. I spent all of my time holding her as she withered away. The night of her death, before I went to sleep, I thanked God for giving me the energy I’d had over that time. All of a sudden, I felt a bolt of energy leaving my body. I callapsed on my bed and felt lifeless, as if I were dead. Then after a few minutes, I felt a jolt of energy fill my body.
I believe, God was trying to show me how much He was supporting me and that without Him, there is no way I could have handled it alone.
Later on the same evening, I woke up at 3am in the morning and spoke out loud to my mother, telling her that I had not received her sign. Then when I went back to sleep, I saw 2 huge black doors open up to a dark bluish, black sky, filled with 1000′s of stars.
Suddenly, my vision zoomed into two particular stars that were a little bigger than the rest. Once I could see what it was, I was so filled with joy. It was my mother kneeling with her head bowed, towards Christ. Christ was looking at my mother. He had a halo around his head.
They were both pure, bright lights. I was so happy that I jumped out of that dreamlike state with excitement.
God exists, 100%. We are here on earth to lend a helping hand to those who need it. We are to love God and one another.” – Fgomez

Healer of the heart

“A few years ago, my sister’s boyfriend Lawrence (a doctor) drowned in a lake during a 4th of July party. My entire family went to stay with my sister for a while until she was feeling better. I was quite shaken up, saddened because I was the only one who never got to know Lawrence very well. One night while we were having dinner I had an allergic reaction to something and was rushed to the hospital. I have a great fear of needles and a doctor in the ER was trying to put an IV in my arm. I was shaking uncontrollably. When I opened my eyes, the doctor helping me looked exactly like Lawrence. He told me I was going to be fine and I truly felt at peace. I fell asleep and when I awoke, the doctor was nowhere to be found. I knew in that moment that God had let me know that Lawrence and everything else would be alright.” Gfernadez

Are we really alone?

“I had just given birth to my first child and was only twenty years old. Her father left us when I was four months pregnant and I had fallen into a deep depression… One night, after I had put my daughter to sleep, I lay in bed in the dark, talking with God. My desperation was so deep, that I begged him for a sign that things would be alright… I had fallen asleep, and was dreaming (or so I thought) when the air in the room turned quite warm. Then two angels appeared before me. They seemed to be female and communicated with me telepathically. They told me that God loved me and that everything would be just fine. The love I felt inside was so intense that I wanted to cry with joy. I woke up feeling born again. Nobody could take that feeling from me… I had that dream sixteen years ago, and never forgot it. When I feel like giving up, I look back to this moment, and know that God and his love is always with me…” What gives you hope? What do you believe in? KVelez

Hearts Open.

A man and his wife were on their way home after dropping their son off at school. They were going to walk through the park and then home, but half way there the wife felt compelled to walk along the river instead. The man thought this unusual as they’d come a long way, but agreed.
As they walked down the footpath, they saw in the middle of the river, which was only a few feet deep, a smartly dressed man carrying his shoes. When the couple asked if the man was ok he responded, “Is this the way to the coast?” He said he was “trying to get to France”. The stranger was soaked head to toe and shaking like a leaf.
The couple helped the man out of the river and took him to a nearby hospital. Turns out his name was Greg. He was a burnt out businessman with nothing in his pocket but a prayer card.
The couple will never know why they were lead to this man, but they are sure they saved his life that day. Keep your eyes and ears and your hearts open. You never know when you too, may take part in a Miracle… MRubio


The grandmother of a premature baby girl accredits the child’s survival to Baptism. Suffering from kidney failure, cerebral hemorrhage and low birth weight, the child’s parents were told she wouldnt make it overnight. A priest was called in to read the child’s last rites and to perform the Sacrament. As the priest performed the Baptism, the baby’s bluish color slowly turned to pink. The child made a full recovery… This miracle was a result of a grandmother’s Faith and Love. Have you experienced a miracle? Please share your story with us…



“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe…” DVP